Sunday, January 11, 2009

late start on a sunny day.

We were out till about 4:30 AM the night before and decided to sleep in a little bit. we awoke to a bluebird day. we scrambled to decide what to hit and most of our ideas required 2 angles so we called our good friend and filmer extraordinaire Eric Schwalbe to come join us. The crew was me Ethan, Austin, and a freshly healed Jake OE. Austin was a little banged up from an earlier bail so he sat this one out and helped shovel.

the digi cam died before we could snap any action photos but this was our setup.

super sketchy steep run-in gap to 22 stair.

Ethan and Jake both got hammers at this spot so we didnt feel bad about only getting 1 thing done in the sunlight.

more to come soon.

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