Saturday, January 3, 2009


This year for the holidays I headed back to the frigid Midwest to see the family and they had snow in the Twin Cities!  I packed up the Suburban with rail necessities, drop-in, generator, lights, shovels, etc.  Then grabbed my camera gear, picked up Dylan Alito and headed out.  The high temp for the drive there was 2 degrees.  It was cold, but slowly warmed up as the week went by.  I feel like we shot 92 rails in 6 days, but it was well worth the work.  I'm very stoked on the shots.  Here is the first, warm up rail we hit in 0 degrees with Dylan, Ethan Deiss, Austin Young and fellow camera bro Riley Erickson.  This rail spot is called "The MN Rail Gardens" and now I know why. 
Austin Young is a STRAIGHT UP GANGSTA!!!  Don't ever question his street cred, cause is is way more thug than you.  FACT

Dylan is pumped to be in MN sliding rails

What an weird picture of E-Dice, huh?  At least he is happy

Dylan switch bs 5-OH!

Wait till u see the video shot of Ethan on this one!

Even though Austin had a busted-up board, he still got some throw-away shots and this photo of  a front blunt. 

We're done here

Figuring where the closest White Castle is from here.

All in all it was a very fun and productive trip.  Slapped some fives, drank some Premium, got some new equipment, had various safety meetings and got sweet shots of Dylan, E-Dice, Thug Ass Austin and Mr. Casanova.  Lets do it again real soon, but until then, BACKCOUNTRY!!!

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