Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is a ledge we got some on yesterday.  It is random and kinda in the middle of nowhere.  Dylan's homie, Collin, showed us where it was and snapped a few pics with my digi.  Thanks man!  The shredders were Dylan, Austin and Zac.
The Ledge

Zac and Austin setting up

Dylan pressing his nose

Austin with one hell of a tail press

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Whatever bro, we got guns.

Silverton action, the end of the trip. It was amazing, we shot guns, drank whiskey, shredded pow, flew in helicopters and a whole bunch of other sweet stuff. Dont even worry about it....


So Dummer, The Rush and I went out and checked out some random shit around Colorado.  We did a good amount of driving, but a good amount of finding as well.  We ended up finding a ton of stuff, most of the stuff was different,creative,weird and random.  Well this is one of them.  I guess you could call this an up-ledge-close-out-pole-jam thing??? 

Austin and B-Ray getting ready to sled out to the cement structure.
Big ups to B-Ray for towing us all day

Dylan got drunk the night before we did this.
A little marker, Dylan don't give a Fuck!!!
Party on dude!

Setting up for the stunt show

The Rush sawing off what the metal spikes
 that would have later impaled Austin

The Rush with the tail graber

Austin going backwards

Austin going the other direction

Dylan really got some here!

Shit got HEATED!!! Just ask The Rush

Big ups to Dummer for being the part time photog on this one.
Even though that meant no pics for Dummer, sorry Doomcakes.
He was still shredding away and bagged himself a video shot

All in All we had an awesome time, did a shit ton a shoveling, got some shots, watched some amazing bails and even bucked some shots with a shotgun!  Well there should be more weird backcountry jib type things to come................... stay tuned in.