Friday, January 2, 2009

Colorado secret spot red mountain

So heres the deal we went to red mountain for 2 days. The photos aren't in order, but you can figure it out. Left at 4:30 am on a 5 hour drive to red. I had to pull over and let Ryan drive cause I was fallin asleep. I woke up once he got behind the wheel, great.... We stopped in Ouray for some breakfast and to hang out with all the kooky ice climbers. Then we shoveled all day to build this sweet huck n chuck booter. After we were done building we went to the famous shanes cliff and sent it a few times for some photos and maybe a couple video shots. Either way we sent it and got to yell at some skiers who were hitting the cliff next to us. After that we went back to town for some Bien Tiempo. The waitresses seemed like they were on crack and they didnt seat us for ever, but it sure was good. Then we all passed out instantly after food. Woke up the next day to sunny skies and fired the jump all day, then straight back to the car straight to T-Bell then straight home for new years. Gettin it done...

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