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"Think Positive" + Free I AM T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aspen, CO. Premier!!!!!!!!!

This is gonna be a wild one

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Boulder, CO Premier w/ "Get Real"

Dont miss this one, of the first in CO!!!


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Hey look were on ESPN!


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editing screen grab of the day.

I have a new assistant editor. her name is Tuesday.

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Frank Bare goes off

I ate lunch with this dude at Quiznos at the Copper gas station today, no shit. Skiers suck except for this dude.

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editing screen grab of the day.

We are underway. here is a glimpse of what we're working on.

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Dual Interview action

Dogggg and I were supposed to get a dual interview in that awesome mag ALLUS, but it didn't run cause were too old, so here ya go...

Tindy, not even scared!!!

So growing up in the sweet state of Minnesota in the early 90's
no one really knew about snowboarding. My first video was anthem.
Where you could see how cool Colorado was. Such amazing names as Todd
franzen, tr jay Nelson tarquin Robbins kickin it down. Once I moved
here. I have meet most of them. In snowboarding there are 2 types of
shredders. The naturally gifted and the strugglers. Chad is just gifted.
When you can watch him closely everthing he does is epic. From his
slashing to general everyday lifestyle. When you can see him catch
his heel edge on a 70 foot jump and magically turn it into a backside
rodeo Without death wow. When you can see him at the bar calling you
out for being a complete dude that's also super sweet. I can say that
if you are blessed to have him as a friend get ready for an amazing
I can say that knowing him has afforded me the availability of
keeping the dream alive.
Chad is one of the few names that has survived the industry. He is
in it for the long haul. And I cannot ever forsee him stopping EVER.
I really hope this interview shows his passion for the game.........

-Nate Dogggg

Method Berthoud Pass high school trip

1: why breck? Actualy copper, but for the champaign powder. Why else would I live here?
2: who do you love to shred with? I shred with my girl, most of my old friends that moved outta town and some of the new ones that still live here. I just like shredding with people who send it or like shredding a lot!!!
3: where was the worst job you worked at in the county? Overnights at city market, it wasn't that bad though, your sleep schedule was all screwed up that was the only bad part. Otherwise walmart sucked pretty bad. I liked most of the jobs I've had though. I worked at farmers corner for 2 years, that was an awsome job.
4: what was your most favorite moment in summit? Champaign powder days with your friends. The early days were real fun too cause everything was new.
5: what was the worst memory in summit? Everytime I got hurt snowboarding!!! Separated ribs and shoulder, torn mcl, bruised nerve in my leg, a couple concusons, sprained wrist, knees,hips and ankles, knockin my teeth out.  I also hate it when people drive in the left lane all slow and dont use there blinkers.  I have a problem with ski patrol too, I got yelled at the other day for slashing snow into a fence.  I couldn't say anything I just had to say "sorry sir I won't turn down the hill anymore".  You cant say anything or they will pull your pass.  I cant handle it when they power trip on you.  Otherwise it's pretty sweet here. Not too many bad memories.
6: who do you dislike the most in this county? Skiers that bite snowboarders. I don't hate em, but It took you this long to figure out fat skis float in powder better. And when skiers go backwards. I totally respect skiers, i used to ski and own a split board.  Just keep it to goin big in the pipe or doin crazy lines, or buy a snowboard, it's way less effort!!!  Quit biting trends that snowboarders started, most of them were wack in the first place.  I saw this kid dressed like target the other day on the hill. If you fall going backwards, grabing "pinching" your skis, slide anything, you kind of deserve it. Unless your a skier I know right, then your awesome, RIP skier Erik. Otherwise I don't really like it when people live here for the wrong reasons. They come up here lookin for a free ride, you always see em at the bars sprayin down, but you never see em on the hill. They end up movin outta town claimin this town sucks, when its awesome. It'll never change, but we could do without all the sprayers.
7: tell us about the red rocket?  I hope you mean red racer?  That was my old car.  Id deliver food for cabby with it, honking at tourists all night, cutting em off.  I wish i still had it.
8: what is your favorite trick? Tricks are for kids.
9: who did you look upto as a kid in the snowboarding world? Peter Line, Blaise Rosenthal, Bryan Iguchi, Marty Carlson, Todd Richards, Terje, Daniel Frank, Roan Rodgers, Dale Rehberg, Nate Cole, Jake Blatner, Noah Salasnek, Jonny B, Tarquin Robbins, Jay Nelson, Jamie Lynn, JP Walker I could go forever.
10: dude where's my car?  Thats a long story about a stolen rental car in Norway, it would take two pages to write.  But I should be saying that too you...
11: what is the best hidden spot that kids should know about in
summit county? The Meyer Mine zone up humbug hill out in french creek.  Everyone should go there.  Check a topo map its called "American Gulch" seriously.
12: where is your favorite night spot to chill or blackout at? Liquid, Cecelias, Dredge.  Ive been trying not to black out.  Its not good for chucking moves
13: night cap of choice? Olympia 
14: mountain or backcountry? whats the difference.  I like riding chairs on a pow day.
15: most entertaining person to hang out with and why?My girlfriend and Tha Dogggg
16: what happened to the resturant you owned? Main street station didnt renew our lease.  We should have been a bar instead of a resturant.  It was just hard at that location because there were condos all around and it was too noisy.  Sure was a good time though.  I wouldnt recommend opening a resturant in Breck.  Have you seen all the signs down at Erics.
17: If you could tell one story about the county that stands out
what would it be? Theres a lot of them.  I heard OJ was out at the golf course one day.
18: what is you favorite video part of all time who and what video? Bryan Iguchi, the hard the hungt and the homeless.  It was the most progressive video part ever.  It had jibbing pipe and jumps.  Before most people could do 360s.  Im down to watch people who can ride everything.
19: do you still back the Vikings, t-wolves and the wild? I back the Wild.  Im not into football.  And as far as Basketball goes im a Celtics fan now that KG went to Boston.  Always Minnesota before Colorado.
20: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck
Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.
Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.
When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck Norris met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.
Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
They once made a Chuck Norris toilet paper, but it wouldn't take shit from anybody.
A blind man once stepped on Chuck Norris' shoe. Chuck replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Chuck Norris!" The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal roundhouse delivered by Chuck Norris.
21: if you were to die tomorow what would you like to leave for
people to remember you by? My El Camino
22: what is your favorite color? Ha ha. Blue???
23: if you were an animal which one would you like to be and why? Chuck Norris
24: back flip or spinner? Anytime your inverted is a good time.
25: if you could own any car imaginable what would it be? My El Camino
26: who is an up and coming rider we should look out for? Check out the new Role Model Movie
27: what has been your most favorite trip outside of the county? Anytime I goto Japan its pretty much an awsome time the whole time.  That place is crazy.  You can do what ever you want.  
28: if you were to go to college what would you wanna be when you
grow up? A photographer, but I dont think you need much schoolin for that.
29: out of all the shred towns in the us which one would you love to
live in? Maybe up in Washington, but otherwise ive tried to move and I always come back here.  This place is pretty much the best.

Didn't really land good....


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Dogggg and his whip, Rockstar helmet and all

The Nate Dogggg Interview

ALLUS was gonna run this, but Role Model gets the first look

So tha Dogggg "Nate Dogggg", in my eyes is one of the most
legendary snowboarders living in Summit County today.  I met him back
in September of 1997 on a road trip from Oregon to Minnesota with Ryan
knapton.  For some reason we figured we would stop by Colorado on the
way, mellow 500 mile detour, not a big deal.  So that was almost 12
years ago and I've been friends with him ever since.  Back then Nate
had aspirations of becoming a pro shred and making it, one of the
first things he said to me was, "So, is it pretty easy to get hooked
up out here?".  Well he did, when you look at it Nate's up there with
some of the biggest names to ever come out of Colorado. Having full
parts in AOD movies, every PINPIN movie made, thats 8 years of
straight video parts. Getting first chair for endless years at
Loveland, he's been kicked out of Cecilia's for almost 4 years I
think, this interview and still throwing Mctwist's on his first run
threw the pipe .  Things have changed a lot since in the last 12
years, dudes started wearing dresses and women's jeans, girls dressing
like dudes, skiers figured out how to copy snowboarding so they didn't
have to learn how to snowboard, then think its cool and that they started something new??? Snowboard parks and half pipe's have
tripled in size, took over the resorts and become the new wally
worlds, theres about ten new stop lights between Frisco and Breck, the
word DUDE has been used way too much, but the Dogggg is still the
Dogggg.  You can still always find him on the hill all winter long,
you can also find him at the bar all winter long and most of all he
still claims "Nate Dogggg,  four G's" when he introduces himself.  So
throw him a high five when you see him around town and tell him
"thanks for living the dream", because living the dream is what Nate
Dogggg does.

-Chad Otterstrom

1. So how long have you been keeping the dream alive in breckenridge?

Since August 21st 1997

2. What do you consider keeping the dream alive?

Wow the hard questions first. Keeping the dream alive means having  
the ability to shred, nap, blackout, nap and then do it allover  
again the next day for 9 months straight.

3. Where did you grow up snowboarding?

I claim buck hill Minnesota, but was kick out for jumping off  
chairlifts so then it had to be highland hills Minnesota

4. What snowboarders did you look up to when you lived in Minnesota?

John cao was the man the smoothest Minnesota rider in my eyes back  
in 1994

5. Who did you move out here with?

It was a pretty amazing house. There was me, Jeff Meyer, Ryan  
knapton, Jason landry, Matt Peterson, and benji Wilson.

6. Do you still hang out with any of the freshman crew?

I try to as much as possible. But Jeff Meyer is married. So its hard  
to hang with him. And all Ryan knapton wants to do is play  
fooseball. The rest have moved away to grow up. Wierd  how that  

7. What have you been up to since pinpin stopped producing movies?

Looking for stupid reasons for people to give me free snowboard  
shit.  Other than that I have been on the same path since 1999.

8. I heard you have your own shuffle, "the Nate Dogggg Shuffle"?

Yepper. It is similar to the truffle shuffle with a little more butt  
shakin and a little less tummy shakin

9. How's your whip been treating you? You have a race car right?

I love my sweet little race car, she is fun and doesn't talk back  
when you beat the shit out of her.

10. Is it Ferrari red like shermans?

Anyone who pays for a red car really needs attention. My whip is  
sweet blue.

11. How fast have you gone down main street in Breck at 2 am?

160 kph, do the math. And I did have 2 passengers that can testify
12. How fast have you gone period?

A really scarey 170 outside of the whales vagina on my way back here

13. Tell us about the old AOD crew? What was it all about?

A O D. The army of darkness. I fall asleep to that awesome movie all  
the time. But for real it was a crew of minnesotans that were tight  
nit. Good buds that could do no wrong. You know that your gonna have  
a  good time when 7 of you go into 7-11 and bet a dollar to the  
winner of who can take the highest dollar amount of goods.

14. What was the initiation to get in?

A punch in the stomach from every member prior to you.

15. Did the punches hurt?

All of them were mellow eccept Jake webers, its save the worst for  
last. I got initiated outside the MGM in Vegas and security thought  
I was getting jumped by 9 people. Thank goodness for booze!

16. People around town know you from the bar, they would never guess  
you could do mctwist 7s or frontside the old green rails up at peak  
8 drunk, then jump your car through a snowbank. You still have those  
moves dialed?

Sure. I can do anything with a bottle behind it. Maybe not the car  
thru a snowbank. But it shouldn't take me more than 3 tries.

17. tell me the story about you running into a car like a football
player out front of salt creek?

I wish I had a teleprompter for this one.
2:30 am
3 point stance
20 yard dash
Dented fender and door
2 broken windows
30 second nap
No cops drunk driver
Ha ha funny time

18. How about the time we got surrounded by cops with rubber  
shotguns out front of salt creek?

It was really crazy. Some asshole thought it would be a fun time to  
go to country night at the salt creek bar with a ghetto blaster  
screaming rap music wearing red shirts. I think that there was 11 of  
us. A huge battle royal ensued. Out front there were 4 breck cops 1  
Frisco cop a Dillon cop 3 summit sheriff's and the blue river  
marshall. Guns drawn with a whole lotta yelling. It is good to know  
the cops. Hey wasn't that asshole you?

20. Are you still kicked out of cecilias? It's been like 3 or 4  
years  at least.

I think its been way more than that, but not an issue. I am still  
allowed to hang out front and pull.

21. Do you even want to go back in there?

Yes. But it would be epic if I would be allowed in there only after  
12:30 that's the only time that place is good. And all the females  
get sick of the sober dudes in there.

22. What do you think of all the dudes wearing dresses out front
smokin cigs there days?

I hate those dudes. Aint nobody these days making up there own  
steeze. Must be easy to follow the crowd. Maybe they should learn  
from ???? Frank wells, or todd franzen.

23. Do you think it's legit for a dude to wear a dress?

Maybe in some sweet role playing milf hunting porn movie.

24. Do you still drink a lot of trailer juice?

I love me a can of mountain dew whenever possible.  The more the  

25. What's up at Loveland?  You've had first chair forever.

Yep. Trailer tom started the whole thing years ago. But I have been  
the only one holding down the first chair for the past 10 Years
We stole it from a man named Elmer mulkins he passed away that same  
year. Its always a fun way to start the season.

26. How long do you plan on getting first chair there?

As long as possible. It keeps my name up in lights for at least  
another year. Until some young buck steals it from me, I own it.

27. Did you used to shred in a Charlie brown shirt? Do you still  
have it?

I would shred in that shirt every day even if it was 10 below. I  
would watch the old H street skate videos and had to have that shirt  
for Christmas. Rocked it so much it pretty much fell of me before it  
went to the garbage.

28. What's your best trick?

16 ounce curl to switch backhand to cab cougar pull. ??? What do you  
consider better? A smooth backside 1, or a 9 over a ten foot jump. I  
just really love a fluid smooth run and that's it. I think I could  
do almost any trick with a few try's with the exception of the  
Travis rice 10 to double cork shit. Fat old dudes don't bounce as  
good as we used to.

Dogggg and the dog

lien air whats up now???

lien air whats up bra???

mctwist o yeah

mctwist holding it down

one more mickey

Tailgrab mellow whats up now fool!!!


Holdin it down at the liguid lounge, thursty thursdays...



Sled Jibbin, look out tall tee bros!!!

Tailgrab 180 in a bulls jacket, nuff said!!!