Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting After It!

While the jibbers are out bagging shots, our back country boys have been getting theirs as well. With the little amount of snow so far this year, we had a bit of a late start, but now the weather is in our favor and were taking advantage of it. Our filmer Calvin and the boys (Otterstrom, Robbie, Dowell, Dummer, Madison) have been spending some time down south. Here are some photos of the shenanigans along the way:
Pass Closed: this year has been high avy danger!

Otterstrom waiting out the weather., playing a little game of scrabble

Pass finally opened, packing up the whips to get the goods

Robbie Balharry (our token Canadian) throwing up the moose antlers, we'll tell you about that later...
photo: Matty Alberts

New Mexico is not just Margaritas and Senoritas, they have real guns too...
photo: Matty Alberts

Madison up top, stoked to drop
photo: Matty Alberts